Owner of an open air quarry, the Pedra Alva initiated its activity in 1984, initially active only in the exploitation of stone.
This quarry is situated at the foot of the mountain “Serra de Aire” where the limestone of the region, known as “Creme de Fátima” (The Cream of Fatima) and “Creme Casal” (The Cream couple) is extracted.

The blocks extracted from the open-air quarry, by diamond blade or stone saw, are transported to the production line where they will be transformed.

Besides providing a vast range of products considered standard material like blocks, sheets of stone and tiles, Pedra Alva also does any job according to the specification and measurements of the client.

At the moment, the whole process of exploration, transformation of the stone and transportation to the client is carried out in our installations by about 30 specialized collaborators.

Among the many building projects that we have provided with stone, we would like to mention the following:
- The provision of the exterior coating of the house of Our Lady of Mount Carmel belonging to the Sanctuary of Fatima.
- The stone that covers the staircase at the Rectory of the New University in Lisbon.